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ESMO Workshop: Science for Advocates

ESMO will organize a Science for Advocates workshop — aimed at providing European Cancer Patient Advocates with the necessary tools to follow the scientific development in their specific cancer field — on 13th-15th October in Munich, Germany.

The European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) organizes a Science for Advocates workshop on 13th-15th October in Munich, Germany.

Patient and patient advocates are increasingly involved in decision-making in healthcare and the setting of research agenda. Knowing how to access scientific literature, correctly analyse and interpret data, hold a scientific argument and to effectively and correctly communicate scientific content have therefore become essential advocacy skills.

Science for advocates will be a 2-day interactive workshop (Friday afternoon until Sunday lunch-time) with a combination of lectures, independent and group work. To ensure effective communication, the workshop size will be limited to 35-40 European Cancer Patient Advocates. Participation is upon application only.

Advocates will have the opportunity to suggest a relevant scientific study of their interest as a test case for the workshop. Otherwise, ESMO faculty will be asked to name one recent relevant study per cancer field.

During the weekend, participants will have the opportunity to directly apply learned content to their study of interest, including the statistical background and the calculation of the ESMO Magnitude of Clinical Benefit Scale (MCBS) for that therapy, and generate an infographic representation of the content.

For more information, as well as applications for travel grants, please visit the conference webpage. For any queries, please contact Francesca Longo via email at