Recent publications from UM Cure 2020's consortium members

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We are happy to announce the most recent publications from our Consortium members. Check them out by month!

| January 2021

Applying Single-Cell Technology in Uveal Melanomas: Current Trends and Perspectives for Improving Uveal Melanoma Metastasis Surveillance and Tumor Profiling

From University of Liverpool (to see more click here.)

| February 2021

Involvement of mutant and wild-type CYSLTR2 in the development and progression of uveal nevi and melanoma

From Leiden University (to see more click here.)

| March 2021

Cost-utility analysis of a decade of liver screening for metastases using the Liverpool Uveal Melanoma Prognosticator Online (LUMPO)
From University of Liverpool (to see more click here.)
Functional and conformational impact of cancer-associated SF3B1 mutations depends on the position and the charge of amino acid substitution
From Institut Curie (to see more click here.)