The LUMC will host this session on February 15th, covering research being done on Ocular Melanoma.


Dr. Annemijn Wierenga, a PhD candidate at LUMC, will organise a patient information evening on research being done on Ocular Melanoma, which will take place on February 15th 2018.

Presentations will be given on different subjects of the research and attendees are very welcome to bring their partner or family member to this evening.

Presenters/speakers will include:

  • Prof.dr. G.P.M. Luyten, Ophthalmology LUMC - Mutations of thet BAP1 gene in the family.
  • Drs. M. Marinkovic, Ophthalmology LUMC – Proton beam therapy.
  • Prof.dr. M. J. Jager, UM CURE – A European consortium.
  • Dhr. R.J. Nell, PhD Ophthalmology LUMC – Introduction in research techniques.
  • Stichting Melanoom – Introduction projectgroup.

After each presentation there will be the possibility to ask questions.

Location: LUMC building 1, Het Paleijhs (Boerhaaveplein) / Lecturehall 4

Time: 19:00-21:00h (Reception with coffee and tea from 18h30)


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After this evening there will be drinks and the opportunity to chat and network.


Detailed overview of the programme in English:

18:30 - 19:00h - Reception with coffee/tea

19:00 - 19:05h - Short welcome and introduction (Dr. Annemijn Wierenga)

19:05 - 19:20h - Welcome and presentation about BAP1 mutation in families (Professor and Department Head, Prof. Dr. G.P.M. Luyten)

19:20 - 19:35h - Presentation about proton beam therapy (Ophthalmologist specialised in Oncology, Dr. M. Marinkovic)

19:35 – 19:50h - Presentation about research techniques (PhD Student, Rogier Nell)

19:50 – 20:05h - European international ocular melanoma consortium UM CURE (Prof. Dr. M. J. Jager)

20:05 - 20:20h  - The foundation for ocular melanoma patients in The Netherlands.

20:25 - 20:40h - Tour through the laboratories of Ophthalmology.

20:40 – 21:00h - Drinks (softdrinks, coffee/ and tea) and snacks.