The implementation of our governance and management structure is set to optimize the UM CURE 2020 collaboration by giving priorities and reorienting the research when needed while ensuring maximal implementation and exploitation of the Consortium’s results and efforts

Management Structure

The organisational structure of the project consortium comprises the following bodies:

  • The General Assembly (GA) is the ultimate decision-making body of the consortium. It is composed of one representative per institution participating in the UM Cure 2020 project, nominated by each participant at the start of the project. Each member is authorised to deliberate, negotiate and decide on all matters on behalf of their Institute/Company. The GA aims at approaching gender-balance in its members: at present, the GA is composed of 50% of women if principal investigators are in charge; 
  • The Steering Committee (SC) is the supervisory body for the smooth implementation of the project and reports and is accountable to the GA. It is responsible for the proper execution of the GA decisions. The SC is composed of the Coordinator, together with all WP leaders;

  • The Coordinator of UM Cure 2020 is Institut Curie, and namely Dr. Sergio Roman-Roman. The Coordinator acts as the intermediary between the participants and the European Commission, and is ultimately responsible for the proper implementation of the project; a project manager from seeding science assists with coordination, implementation of GA and SC decisions and day-to-day management. 

  • Additionally there are also three clusters of competencies