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Soluble HLA in the aqueous humour as risk factor or a marker of inflammation in uveal melanoma

A recent study shows that the analysis of the liquid produced inside of the eye, the aqueous humor, could help in the management of patients with uveal melanoma.

New book from our partners about ocular tumours and their treatments

Our partners at  Jagiellonian University  (Krakow, Poland) are working on a book entitled "Ocular Oncology", covering the different types of tumours that can affect the eye and how to treat them.


Samar Alsafadi wins the 2019 Women in Cancer Research Scholar Award at the AACR

Congratulations to Samar Alsafadi for winning the 2019 Women in Cancer Research Scholar Award at the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR)!

MPNE 2019

 “The focus is on the most burning Melanoma question: where do we loose our people to Melanoma? What are the last developments that could prevent that? And what can we do about it?”

Animal models are helping in the search for improved treatment of rare cancers such as Uveal Melanoma

Researchers at the Laboratory of Preclinical Investigation at the Institut Curie in Paris (France) have been developing animal models of human uveal melanoma and liver metastases as early tools in drug development.

A research study to investigate how often patients with uveal melanoma should have liver scans

This work, conducted by Dr. Alda Rola from the Liverpool Ocular Oncology Research Group (LOORG) led by Professor Sarah Coupland, aims to find out the effectiveness of the LUMPO3 in predicting how often uveal melanoma patients should have liver scans

How Radiation Therapy Works

Professor Rubens Belfort Neto, MD, PhD, explains how radiation works in the treatment of uveal melanoma.

The importance of communication in science

In the last UM Cure 2020 Patient’s meeting, Dr. Emma Dorris ran a workshop entitled “The Art of writing to be understood”, where early career researchers worked with experienced patients on previously published research summaries.

Second UM Cure 2020 General Assembly and Patients Meeting

Having taken place at Liverpool University, in Liverpool, England, from the 29th to the 1st of December, this was a unique gathering that emphasized the importance of consortia as driving forces for the development of new therapies for uveal melanoma.

Brachytherapy in Uveal Melanoma

Professor Rubens Belfort Neto, MD, PhD, explains why brachytherapy is used in the treatment of uveal melanoma.

From Patient to Patient Advocate

In this video, Tamara Rimmer, uveal melanoma patient and Ocumel UK Patient Advocate, explains how a patient becomes a patient advocate.

Patients' Groups from a Patient Perspectives

In this video, Tamara Rimmer, uveal melanoma patient and Ocumel UK Patient Advocate, talks about the role of Patients' Groups.

Biopsies in Uveal Melanoma

In this video Dr. Jesse Berry explains how and why to perform a biopsy in a patient with uveal melanoma.

Radiation vs Enucleation

Professor Rubens Belfort Neto, MD, PhD, discusses the differences between radiation and enucleation for the treatment of uveal melanoma.

Referral Centres and Patient Advocacy

In this video Dr. Jesse Berry talks about the importance of referral centres in the treatment of uveal melanoma and the crucial role of patient organizations.

The Advantages of Informed Patients

In this video, Tamara Rimmer, uveal melanoma patient and Ocumel UK Patient Advocate, talks about why it is advantageous, for both patients and physicians, to have better informed patients regarding their disease. 

Liquid biopsies

In this video Dr. Jesse Berry explains the concept of liquid biopsies.

Uveal melanoma vs Retinoblastoma

In this video Dr. Jesse Berry explains the differences between uveal melanoma and retinoblastoma.

Immunotherapy - The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2018

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2018 was awarded jointly to James P. Allison and Tasuku Honjo "for their discovery of cancer therapy by inhibition of negative immune regulation." (10).png

Treatment of the intra-ocular tumour in UM: does it matter?

Professor Ruben Belfort Neto, MD, PhD, talks about how the treatment of the primary tumour (in the eye) affects the development of metastatic disease (most often in the liver).

Importance of patient groups'

Professor Ruben Belfort Neto, MD, PhD, talks about the importance of patient groups' when dealing with uveal melanoma.

On a Different Path - The Ophthalmologist interview with Sarah Coupland and Hans Grossniklaus

Sarah Coupland (MD, PhD) and Hans Grossniklaus (MD, PhD) discuss the importance of pathology and why it should not become a dying art.


Brachytherapy in Krakow celebrates it's 50th anniversary

A Symposium to commemorate this occasion took place in Collegium Maius of Jagiellonian University in Krakow on Sept 7th, 2018.


Risks Factors in Uveal Melanoma

Professor Ruben Belfort Neto, MD, PhD, talks about the concept of risk factors in uveal melanoma

Feelings and cancer - support page by the National Cancer Institute

Dealing with cancer has not only a physical but may also have a mental impact in the patients and in those that support them.

The National Cancer Institute created an important segment on suggestions on how to deal with feelings that may arise during the process. 

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Interview with Jacqueline Franken | MPNE 2017 Rare

Interview with Jacqueline Franken from the Stichting Melanoom organization at the MPNE Rare 2017 conference


The Cancer Genome Atlas Project: An Integrated Molecular View of Uveal Melanoma

Recently published on Ophthalmology, a paper from one of our partners explains to the Ophthalmology community the breakthroughs that were achieved with the TCGA project.

Selumetinib-based therapy in uveal melanoma (UM) patient-derived xenografts (PDXs)

In this study, the authors used UM PDXs to evaluate the efficacy of the selumetinib, a targeted therapy medication aimed at blocking a specific part of one of the pathways responsible for the appearance of UM cancer cells, alone or in combination with other therapies.

The power through connection - interview with Andrew Evans

Interview with Andrew Evans at the Melanoma Patient Network Europe Rare 2017 conference. 

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ARVO Ocular Oncogenesis and Oncology Conference

As the ARVO Ocular Oncogenesis and Oncology Conference comes to an end we cannot help but smile when looking back and see all that was achieved during these past days.


“Uveal Melanoma: Recent findings, new hopes” – Dr. Sergio Roman-Roman talk at the 25th EACR

Dr. Sergio Roman-Roman talked about recent findings regarding uveal melanoma at the 25th Biennial Congress of the European Association for Cancer Research.

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World Congress of Ophthalmology 2018 Report

The World Ophthalmology Congress, organized by the International Council of Ophthalmology, was an outstanding meeting! It was really motivating to see how multiple groups across the world are fighting uveal melanoma, both in the clinic and research settings.


Digest of the paper "Treatment of uveal melanoma: where are we now?"

In this paper, the authors discuss the various treatments evaluated in the setting of metastatic uveal melanoma, including systemic chemotherapy, immunotherapy, targeted agents against the MAPK pathway, and liver-directed therapies.

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Congratulations to Dr.Mehmet Doğrusöz for his doctoral dissertation titled “Genetic Prognostication in Uveal Melanoma”

For the past four years Dr. Mehmet Doğrusöz from the Leiden University performed research under the supervision of Prof. Martine J. Jager and studied genetic prognostic parameters in uveal melanoma.

"Recent breakthroughs in metastatic uveal melanoma: a cause for optimism?" - review paper from our UM CURE 2020 partners

“Together with a better understanding of the biology of the disease and the recent delivery of relatively large studies, this holds hope that new and more effective treatment options will become available for UM patients with metastatic disease in the near future.”

Dr. Manuel Rodrigues successfully defends his PhD Thesis on the Genetics of Uveal Melanoma

The PhD Thesis defense took place at Institut Curie the 29th of May, 2018

Professor Richard Marais elected as Fellow of the Royal Society

Congratulations to Professor Richard Marais, UMCURE2020 consortium member, for being elected as Fellow of the Royal Society. 

Professor Sarah Coupland honoured with a “Distinguished Service Award” at the ARVO 2018 Annual Meeting in Honolulu.

The Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO) has presented Professor Sarah Coupland with a ‘Distinguished Service Award’ at the 2018 Association’s annual meeting.

UMCure 2020 profiled by Science Impact

The UMCure 2020 consortium has been profiled by Science Impact, a series of high-quality science reports designed to enable the dissemination of research impact to all.

The SUMIT trial demonstrates feasibility of the rapid conduct of pivotal clinical trials in Uveal Melanoma

In patients with metastatic uveal melanoma, the combination of selumetinib plus dacarbazine had a tolerable safety profile but did not significantly improve PFS compared with placebo plus dacarbazine. Despite the results of this study, additional assessment of MEK inhibitors in uveal melanoma is warranted.

2017 ASCO Annual Meeting - Interview to Sophie Piperno-Neumann

The 2017 American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Annual Meeting was held in Chicago, Illinois, 2nd-6th June 2017.

Second Meeting of the UM Cure 2020 Scientific Advisory Board

Having taken place on 18th January at the Institut Curie in Paris, France, the second meeting of the UM Cure 2020 Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) gave UMCure 2020 SAB members and partners the chance to consider the consortium's successes obtained during its first two years, as well as look forward to the work ahead.

"From Gene to Genome: A story of scientific and self-discovery" - José Baselga delivers the 2017 ESMO Lifetime Achievement Award Lecture

José Baselga received the ESMO Lifetime Achievement Award, celebrating a four-decade career of outstanding relevance in clinical oncology, at the ESMO 2017 conference in Madrid, in his native Spain.

Royal Dutch visit to the Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown

Their Royal Highnesses Queen Maxima and King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands visited the Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown on 11th October 2017, where they were presented to the UMCure 2020 project.

MPNE Rare 2017, held in Leiden, Netherlands, with ocular, pediatric and other rare melanoma patients, researchers and clinicians

MPNE Rare 2017 was held this past weekend in Leiden University Medical Center, Netherlands.

Groundbreaking study on Uveal Melanoma published in Cancer Cell

An international team, which includes several UMCure 2020 participants, has just identified four distinct UM subtypes with clinical relevance.

First UM Cure 2020 General Assembly and Patients Meeting

Having taken place at Jagiellonian University, in Krakow, Poland, June 15-17 2017, this was a unique gathering that emphasized the importance of consortia as driving forces for the development of new therapies for rare diseases.

Professor Martine Jager elected President of ISOO

"Enthusiasm gets things done."


Dr. Richard Marais presents the UM Cure 2020 project.

24 - 27th March 2017 at Institut Curie, Paris

Postdoctoral Position Open - Molecular Oncology

A three-year postdoctoral position funded by the EU Horizon 2020 Programme is available in the laboratory of Prof. Richard Marais to identify and validate novel therapeutic approaches for the treatment of metastatic uveal melanoma (UM).

2016 World Sight Day

UM Cure 2020 joins in the celebration.

Professor Sarah Coupland elected Vice-president of ARVO

Professor Sarah Coupland, head of the Liverpool Ocular Oncology Group, was elected Vice-president of the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmogy, one the foremost scientific organizations in opthalmology worldwide. 

UM CURE 2020 Kick-off Meeting

UM CURE 2020 Kick-off meeting

The kick-off meeting of the UM Cure 2020 project took place January 22-23, 2016, in the exceptional environment of the Champalimaud Foundation in Lisbon, Portugal