ASCO'20 was virtual and UM Cure brings you the news

The largest cancer conference in the world has come and gone, virtually. The UM Cure 2020 prepares you a summary for new data about UM research and COVID-19 impact on the management of cancer patients.


This year, the largest international cancer conference - American Society of Clinical Oncology Annual Meeting - was held online with a virtual edition divided in a Scientific Program, May 29-31, and an Education Program, August 8-10.

UM Cure 2020 team followed the meeting and prepares you a digest of new data regarding Uveal Melanoma research and COVID-19 pandemic impact on the management of cancer patients.

Click on the following links to know more:

Cancer Care in the Time of COVID: Assessing Impact and Future Directions

Digest of new data from Uveal Melanoma research presented at ASCO'20