Having taken place at Liverpool University, in Liverpool, England, from the 29th to the 1st of December, this was a unique gathering that emphasized the importance of consortia as driving forces for the development of new therapies for uveal melanoma.

Second UM Cure 2020 General Assembly and Patients Meeting


During our Second General Assembly and Patients Meeting, with participants attending from all twelve UM Cure 2020 partner institutions, we successfully met a series of objectives that push the boundaries of uveal melanoma (UM) research.


The meeting was hosted by Liverpool University in Liverpool, England, where The Liverpool Ocular Oncology Centre (LOOC) is set. The LOOC is responsible for the management of the project’s Biobank - a place where samples donated from patients are stored and used in UM’s research.


A reflection of the ground principles of UM Cure 2020, the meeting integrated the general assembly with a uveal melanoma patients meeting, which was streamed live. Innovatively, a workshop on how to write lay abstracts (i.e. how to write a scientific paper in a way that is accessible to the general public) had patients and researchers working together on what proved to be a very profitable and enjoyable partnership. The workshop was run by Emma Dorris, a molecular biologist responsible for the Patient and Public Involvement in Research (PPI) initiative called “The Patient Voice in Arthritis Research”.